Manufacturer Contracts

At IRON FURNACE , we work with manufacturers to increase their bottom line through contractual procurement and management. Specifically, we facilitate the relationship between manufacturers and national, regional, state, and local contract officers.

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National and Regional Contracts

Take your product to a larger market.

State and Local Contracts

Increase your sales and bottom line.

National and Regional

One in five sales (20%) are being completed through a contract. Are you in the loop? If not, we can help.  If you do work with contracts but are struggling, we can also help.  We know the specific requirements that each contract has, and we meet with the contract officers on your behalf. Then, we work with them throughout the procurement  and management process.

From finding contracts that fit your company to meticulously filing all the the information for you…we do it all.


State and Local

Are you maximizing your sales by using state and local contracts? If not, you are missing out in sales and profit. Agencies are buying every day, and they are looking for partners. If you are not selling, you are not growing. Let us help you to connect with state and local agencies in your home state, as well as all others. In less than one day, you can have an entire team working on your behalf to generate the connections needed by your sales team.

When you are ready to grow, we’ll do our part to make it happen.

Ready for growth? Contact us today to get things moving.